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  • Sightseeing·Information on events

    Yugawara, Izu, Atami and Hakone are also nearby.
    The hotel also has tie-ups with various tourist spots, and we inform you of event information etc. to everyone.
    We have a wealth of discount tickets and so on, please feel free to contact the front desk.
    • ○Limited to Summer♪ Enjoy swimming at a reasonable price!

      Limited to Summer(Mid July to late August)!
      (With hot water shower, locker, snacks separately charge) house Asakaze of sea use fee discount for adults 1000 yen will be available at 800 yen. Children are 600 yen.Free transfer from Kotaso to the beach.
    • ○Tangerine hunting starts

      Kotaso specialty, hunting oranges starts around mid-October.
      The fee is free, and you can hunt oranges while watching the ocean with a season.
    • ○Plum Blossom Festival begins.

      The plum party begins.
      February 5(soil)~ March 13(Day)
      Opening the garden, 9: 00-16: 00
      Bairin, Light up at night
      February 19(soil)~ 3 days 6 days(Day)
      18 o'clock to 2 p.m.
    • ○Sakura's party

      From February 25th (Saturday) to April 4th (Sunday), the feast of Arai Castle Ruins Park Nearby Manazuru Station begins to celebrate.
    • ○Playground "Noryo Ennichi"

      A summer festival that allows you to enjoy the pleasures of old-fashioned farewells Noryo Ennichi" is an event that has been going on for nearly 30 years already.
      Oninakase only for old-fashioned play such as "Oninakase" and "Yo-yo Fishing", as well as playing corner and experience corner, it is full of fun!
      Also annually "Niagara Fireworks" is held every evening.

      Since we are organizing every evening, please feel free to contact us.
      Children, of course, adults please enjoy together instead of children.
    • ○pounding mochi

      New Year's Day.
      The New Year's Kotaso at Kotaso starts with rice cake every year.
      Both adults and children are friends Petan, Petan.
      You will also have a special dish which you can eat with moist rice cake.
      We are looking forward to welcoming the New Year with everyone.
    • ○Yagi Shimo Farm

      You can order citrus in the season of home production.
      ·Orange (Ishiji・Otsu), November to February
      ·Ponkan, December to February
      ·Barely·Mandarin, December to January
      ·Prince Kiyomi, January to March
      ·Southern yellow, January to February
      ·HALCA, January to April
      ·Harumi・Setoka, February to March
      ·Shiranui・Pomelo, February to April
      ·Wase New Summer, March to April
      ·Golden Orange, March to May
      ·New Summer Orange, April to May
      ·Kara Mandarin, April to June
      ·Valencia Orange, June to August
      ·Sweet summer, March to June
      ·Natural cultivation lemon, October to June
      ·Yuzu, November to December

      〒 250 - 0025, 180 Enoura, Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture
      (Manazuru Toll Road Drive-in Minoya Niijima)
      home(TEL · FAX)0465-29-0413
      shop(TEL · FAX)0465-29-0747
    • ○Touring

      It got warmer now.Rider, when you want to touring?
      Kotaso is close to Hakone and Izu Peninsula, so you can stay on a day trip.
    • ○Hiking course

      I'm totally springing,
      It was a nice season for hiking.
      Please enjoy recommended hiking course.
      Please go from the link below.
    • ○Pottery class, goens

      I can experience a burning experience
    • ○English bar, The King

      Honorable authentic English bar "The King"
      Please feel free to visit the memories of the trip.
      A fruit cocktail made by a master of certain techniques is a luxurious cocktail that can only be tasted here.

      Doi 3-9-24, Yugawara Town, Ashigarashimo County, Kanagawa Prefecture
      TEL 0465-62-3600
      PM 7: 00 to AM 1: 00(Closed on Sundays)